Affiliated To: Prof. Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhaiya)
University, Prayagraj
B Grade Accredited by NAAC

Analysis of Feedback 2017-18

All the department provide students with five questionnaires. Short analysis of the feedback questionnaire wise is as follows-
Questionnaire No. 1- This questionnaire is related to course content of the syllabus. Almost 80% of the students seem to be satisfied with the course content. Though, almost 10% of the students feel the requirement of additional source material and 10% of the students feel that relevance of textual reading material should be maintained.
Questionnaire No. 2- This questionnaire is related to student feedback on teachers. More than 90% students gave A grade to teachers for their communication skills, knowledge base etc. and 7 to 8% of students expressed that teachers aptitude and other qualities are good and satisfactory.
Questionnaire No. 3- This questionnaire is based on students’ over all evaluation of programme and teaching. In this questionnaire students’ reply was according to the syllabus, methodology, internal evaluation etc. Students gave feedback according to different perspectives of different departments. However, most importantly 90 to 100% syllabus was completed by teachers according to the feedback.
Questionnaire No. 4- This questionnaire is related to educational programme of student. In this segment students seem to be completely satisfied with the institution.
Questionnaire No. 5- This questionnaire tries to get exiting students’ view in the last week of classes. More than 90% students expressed the opinion that continuous update of courses should be ensured. Similarly, more than 90% students wish to remain in contact with the institution in some way or the other as alumni.